Cervical Spondylitis

Are you having a sensation of persistent neck pain? Is your neck pain limiting your movement day by day? Do you feel numbness in your fingers, hands, and arms? Is your neck pain taking away your goodnight’s sleep? Wake up before it’s too late and avail a thorough physical examination, X-ray, EMG or MRI of your neck because you may be suffering from Cervical Spondylitis.
As you grow old, your bones begin to degenerate and collapse leading to heteromorphic wear and tear in the soft tissues between the disc spaces in your bones. But, do not worry because you have treatment at your disposal. You can avail yourself soft neck collars or pain management therapies with muscle relaxants, NSAID painkillers or cervical traction, and physiotherapy sessions after consultation with your medical practitioner. In fact, you can even opt for pain free and safe homeopathic treatment. Despite these, if your nerve root constriction and pain persist, surgery is advised.

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