Paralysis is a syndrome which results in complete infirmity or loss of voluntary muscle movement capabilities. In a research carried out by the Christopher & Vita Fit 360. it has been found out that at least one out of fifty people suffer from paralysis. Paralysis can affect a specific area in the muscular system i.e., transient paralysis or a larger area in the body i.e., total paralysis. The major reasons behind occurrence of paralysis is strokes or injuries, to be more precise any injury to the spinal cord nerves. Other diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy, guillain-barre syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, to name a few may lead to paralysis. If you have a paralytic attack, then avail medical services without wasting any time. However, till date no hard and fast methods have been devised to treat patients suffering from paralysis. A trained physiotherapist and occupational therapist can make your exercise plan which helps in building, developing or re-educat

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